I've returned from Indiana where I finished the book Pears for Breakfast. I seek shared or single housing with Thor my dog in Northern VA where I work at GMU by 12/1/18. Thor, when he's not with me, works with people who have depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, Asberger's, Alzheimers.  I work as an editor/writer for the Dean at the Schar the School of Policy and Government at GMU. I also write freelance pieces on science and business and faith. I love all things faith in Christ, Jane Austen, friendship, family, fun and travel.  I look forward to hearing from you. I'm interested rent that's between $700 - $1300/month shared with 1 other person, but up to 2 other people. A devout Catholic, I am neat, responsible, reliable, and I very much enjoy exercise, travel, cooking, baking, time with friends, fellowship with people of faith and a good party with great music, dance, food and drink. My move-in date would be 12/1 or shortly thereafter. You can read my work at carolthereseyoung.wordpress.com and carolthecatholic.wordpress.com