If you're reading this:  Hey!  Thanks for checking my ad.  Some details about the house:  House has wifi and free parking, and $1000 cost includes all utilities (i.e., you pay $1,000 each month, fall, winter, spring, or summer).   The house has a basement (one roomate takes up the whole space there), a ground floor with a full kitchen and living room, and a second floor with a master bedroom with its own bathroom (my room), and two bedrooms and a full bath (potentially yours!) - the second room is about ~30% smaller than the first and makes a good office or yoga room or something.  I have a dog and am cool with another dog (especially if we can dog sit for each other) as long as we test out our dogs with each other.

Roomates are two dudes: Me, 29, Engineer, Nerd, and Another, 28, Accountant, also a Nerd.

E-mail me if you want more details!