I'm looking for a person to take over my lease in April of 2019. I am getting married. Otherwise I would stay in this fabulous house! There are 5 women in the house total, so you would have 4 lovely roommates. The house has an excellent setup. It's very spacious and each floor only has 2 bedrooms. You would share a bathroom with one other person on the top floor of the house. 

About the room:

The room is very spacious. It easily fits my queen bed, two end tables, a vanity, and a bookshelf. There are TWO closets that both have built-in shelves. There are 3 medium-sized windows. Please email me if you would like to see more photos.


About the house

  • Basement: separate basement apartment and laundry room 
  • First floor: Kitchen, dining room, and living room 
  • Second floor: two bedrooms, closet, and a bathroom 
  • Third floor: two bedrooms and a bathroom (**where the open room is) 

The house is about halfway between Eastern Market and the H-Street Area. It is a 12-15 minute walk to Union Station. For reference, it's very close the Northeast Library if you would like to see where it is. The landlady is very helpful and responsive.


About the roommates

You would have 4 wonderful, pleasant, funny, and friendly roommates. Most of the time, we keep pretty busy with our schedules but the roommates enjoy hanging out and having a glass of wine when we're all home. They are very respectful, understanding, and kind. 


Financial details: 

Rent is $770 per person. Upon move-in, you would have to pay a $725 security deposit to me. Utilities are usually about $100 per person depending on usage for the month. Each roommate is responsible for overseeing a bill and requesting the amount from the other roommates on Venmo. You would take over the responsibility of the Washington Gas Bill. There is zone 6 parking on the street. If you have DC plates, it's easy to get the appropriate pass. 


Please reach out if you are interested or have any questions. Also, if you are interested, please fill out this quick Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/Mu2aCZFUMHKr2JX92 

I look forward to hearing from you!