My name is Cari Morales and I have recently been accepted into the National Urban Fellows (NUF) Program! For the last 50 years, NUF has been cultivating leaders in the public sector to build the confidence needed to push diversity and equity throughout the country.  I will be joining the class of 2020 at Georgetown University and I couldn't be more excited!  As part of the program I will be expected to complete my summer course work in Washington DC from May 25th-end of July 2019.  I am currently looking for housing for these two months! Since I will not be working during my Masters Program, I will not have any income during this time, but will have something in my savings to tap into if needed.  

I am a 29 year old woman who was born in Milwaukee, WI to a Puerto Rican mother and a Nicaraguan Father.  I am a fluent Spanish speaker and a first generation college student.  Making it this far has been such a blessing and I am so humbled by the opportunities God has given me along the way.  Though I still have some college debt due to my undergraduate degree, I am happy to say that I will only be expected to pay a very small fraction of my tuition at Georgetown.  My biggest source of inspiration are my parents.  They have sacrificed so much for our family and I wouldn't be here without the love and support of my Indianapolis' community.  A 2-3 year program is being crunched into 14 months throughout this fellowship and I will be spending most of my time at the library staying focused to keep my grades up. I am hoping to find a room close to campus or close to a transit line that can get me to campus at an affordable rate.  Any help and guidance along the way would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to call/text at 317.749.5160 or email me at 

Thanks, again!