Multiple spaces available in this highrise, 3 story house(plus an atic) house! A basement apartment, a master bedroom, and two standard bedroom are all available in the same house and can go mixed and matched or seperatly!

Parking is available on the street level, and the house is a 7-minute drive or bus ride from the Orange, Blue, and Silver Line Metro.

The standard room comes with a bed-asking 800 plus utilities. The smaller bedroom is 750 plus utilities

The master bedroom comes with a large wooden dresser (potentially a bed-ask about this)-asking 1000 plus utilities.

The basement apartment comes pre-furnished with a bed, a shelf/dresser, and has its own full bathroom-asking 1600 plus utilities.


All floors come with access to the kitchen which has marble counter tops and a beautiful steel gas stove (the kitchen is my favorite part of the house!). 

Until this Saturday, I am offering a discount on the deposit which will save you several hundred dollars, for both single room seekers, and those who want obtain multiple rooms!

Prices are flexible for anyone seeking multiple rooms!