• 1 BR (willing to share), sun-room, living room, etc. with roommates (male or female)
• Walkable to: Friendship Heights, Tenleytown, Van Ness, Cleveland Park, Woodley Park, or Dupont Metros
• Lease to start anytime in December/1st week of January

I'm 24 and in a 2 year MBA program at American University. Like a lot of people in DC, I'm never home! So in my current lease I actually have the larger of two living rooms in our house as my BR and it is perfect (for me & my wallet). I love cleaning and simple spaces, so it worked for everyone. I won't say I'm a minimalist, but I've lived in 3 cities in 3 years so I've learned to travel light.

If you have an opportunity, please let me know via email: emilyjaynephipps@gmail.com . I'm happy to share more about myself/what I'm looking for!