Returned from Indiana where I wrote the non-fiction book Pears for Breakfast. By 12/31or &/early next year I hope to find shared or single housing in Northern VA or DC for myself and Thor.   Thor the puppy of Thunder, when he's not with me, works with people who have depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, Asberger's, Alzheimers.  I work as an editor/writer for the Dean at GMU's Schar the School of Policy and Government.  I also write freelance pieces on science, business and faith.  I love all things faith, friendship, family, fun, Aristotle, Austen and travel.  I look forward to hearing from you. I'm interested rent that's between $700 - $1300/month shared with 1 or two other people.  I'm a devout Catholic who is neat, responsible, reliable. I enjoy exercise, cooking, baking, time with friends, fellowship with people of faith and a good party with great music, dance, food and drink. See my blogs at and