Marriage Care is a cross-congregational ministry of Grace DC. Our mission is to equip encourage and support couples to cultivate marriages that are both inwardly growing and outwardly serving, in ways that are both organized and organic.

Inwardly growing

Enable couples to apply the gospel specifically to their marriage, in ways that are relevant to their context and season of life through

Outwardly serving

To help create a culture where couples are transparent in “one-anothering” - sharing marriage-related experiences and learning with people at all stages of life, including:

Among the activities we organize:

Large group events

Our current focus is to schedule one large event in the fall, winter & spring quarters. The fall & spring events will typically be a Saturday morning event with the winter event a Saturday evening “date night” style event.

Small group studies

This is where we believe the best marital growth & encouragement happens. These are 6-week studies designed for a group of 4 couples with lots of discussion and practical activities.

Monthly Newsletter

Each month, every married couple at Grace DC receives an email with a number of marriage resources [articles, tips, examples] for you to take consider making a part of your relationship.

Preparing for Marriage

PFM is held twice per year and is a Friday night / all day Saturday introduction to what the gospel has to say about marriage and how it is practically applied to the key areas including roles/responsibilities, communication, conflict resolution, finances, sex & intimacy, children, etc. While primarily for engaged or seriously dating couples, in the fall of 2018 we are looking to offer a 2nd track for those, including singles who simply want to learn more about marriage


Grace DC is committed to developing a cadre of couples who are willing to walk alongside and share their life and marriage experience with other couples, from pre-marital to those encountering challenges.

If you are interested in knowing more and/or helping out, email us at