Romans 16:3-23

1. Do you ever feel lonely or dehumanized in our busy, disconnected world? 

2. How can simple displays of affection in Christian community begin to “re-humanize” us? 

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our natural lives.
-C.S. Lewis

Whether we apply the “kiss of love” with an actual kiss, hug, or hearty handshake, we are commanded to greet brothers and sisters affectionately. Our greetings to one another should visibly express the reality of our family oneness and love. So let us not be impersonal, standoffish, or cold. Let us not take one another for granted. People need physical expressions of love as well as words of love.
-Alexander Strauch

This was the revolutionary act of the early church—in an impersonal world, to recognize persons of every possible status to them all and know them all by name and name them all as brothers and sisters.  
-Andy Crouch